First Impression and Selling Your Home

How does your home show? When marketing your home, it is important to make a great impression. Think about when you were shopping for a home. Were your turned off by stained carpet, a dirty shower, or a broken hinge on one of the cabinets?  Fixing the little things will lead to a quicker sale and more money in your pocket. This also will reduce the likelihood of an appraiser of inspector flagging a problem resulting in a delay in closing. Things like re-caulking the shower, repairing a leaky faucet, or replacing a missing outlet cover.

Also, think about things like the doors. Make sure they close properly and also lock without a lot of effort. Put new light bulbs in every room. You want the home to be bright. You also may want to consider some painting. No one wants to purchase a home with crazy colored walls. You will want to paint your walls a light neutral color. Do all of the small things.

You will also want to clean your home thoroughly. You will want to clean your home from the attic to the basement. Consider bringing in a professional. They will clean things like moldings, blinds, and ovens that are often missed. You will get a good return on the cost. Every surface needs to sparkle and shine. You will want to make the house smell as good as it looks. Clean your windows inside and out. Pressure washer the sidewalks and siding.

First impression is everything! Make sure your home makes a good impression from the street. Things like a mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs, and flowers in the yard will make your home more inviting.

Buyers have lots of choices. If you don’t take care of the minor repairs, buyers may think the home is uncared for and worry about what else may need repairing. Finally, think about why you decided to purchase your home and emphasize those features. Chances are good, the reasons you fell in love with your home are the same reasons your buyer will.


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